Target Print Ad

This week I decided to take a look at Women’s Health magazine. I don’t particularly look at Women’s Health but I decided since I looked through Men’s Health, I would do the same for all the women out there. In the current issue of Women’s Health (April 2012 issue), you see Kristen Bell on the cover. When looking through the magazine, I came across an advertisement for Target.

We all know and love these stores like Walmart and Target because they basically have everything that we need. In this advertisement they are advertising the pharmacy section of Target. As spring approaches, we know that allergies will start and to prepare people for their health concerns, the advertisement portrays all the different medications that will be handy. I thought this advertisement was interesting because it’s not what we usually see in print advertisements. Unlike other brands that have the product in place in the middle of the page, this advertisement has different types of medications all around the page cropped out in different angles.

Claritin Print Ad

I think their goal is to advertise that Target pharmacy will have all the necessary medications that they need when spring rolls around the corner. When portraying more than one product, I would have imagined different types of medications in groups overlapping each other. Instead, Target took a new route by having the different medications around the border of the advertisement cropped just enough so that you can see the brand of the medication. I thought this was very different from regular print ads that I usually see and found it intriguing.

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