VIP is the way to be.

195746_190972567618107_5785472_nI am Cara Irizarry and I have been interning at, a website for people who like to be in the know about nightlife, events, music, food, fashion, and art in Philadelphia. My internship was a social media position, a new type of internship at the company.  The corny title of this post may or may not have been one of my many, unfortunately rejected, potential titles for a Philly2night July eNewsletter.

In April, launched their VIP Club, where VIP members pay a small monthly fee to get access to exclusive events, like open bars, wine tastings, launch parties, fashion shows, and happy hours, for free. Since I began interning at, I have been heavily involved in the VIP Program. Granted, almost all of the social media projects and promotions that I have been doing are for the VIP Club. However, I have gone to, and worked at, almost every VIP event that has happened since I began at P2N. What started as a Social Media internship evolved into something so much more. I have learned so much as a result, about event marketing, promotions, advertising, financing, and even sales.

As far as the future is concerned, this internship has made me actually consider social media for my career. I have always thought that event marketing would be something I would find interesting, but I was under the impression that social media would be monotonous and boring. Perhaps it is the nature of the industry, event promotions is definitely exciting and you are constantly advertising and promoting something different. This is what makes the social media so great! Either way, I would absolutely have been interested in pursuing a career in event marketing, but I am also now interested in social media.

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