Where did time go!?

The idea that I will be walking in graduation in less then a week still blows my mind, I truly feel like I just started college yesterday…now I’m searching for a job!? Although, being a transfer student I only had three short semesters at Temple and have learned so much! To all “Ad” majors with a few semesters left I have a few valuable lessons to pass on.

One: Take advantage of your time at Temple. Go to teacher’s office hours, get to know them! Your teachers can truly be the most valuable connections you have  leaving Temple. Get involved with Temple in general, join a club…Temple Ad Club is a good one, or a frat or sorority, anything!

Two: Research on your own, (sounds awful I know) look up different agencies…find out what you like, what you don’t like. Get in contact with agencies you do like, they are more then happy to show you around!

Three: Push yourself, discover your limits, take on to much, have a break down, cry to your friends, cry with your friends, laugh with your friends, find yourself.

Four: If you can fit it in your schedule, take NSAC (The National Advertising Competition Class we have), it was honestly the most difficult, yet amazing experience of my life. It taught me so much about where I fit in as part of a team and how far I can truly push myself. It was an amazing experience and I found some amazing friends along the way.

Five: Final lesson, enjoy every moment. Older people always tell you it’s gonna fly by bla bla bla and yea we don’t listen but that day  you’re walking to the book store to pick up your cap and gown, you realize exactly how fast it goes! Work hard on your assignments, hang out with friends, go to on campus events, enjoy the city, enjoy every moment because it really does fly by.

So just five small things but hey that’s even easier to remember right?

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