Who Loves Ya? Interning at LevLane Advertising

As a copywriting student, I am privileged to be in the Traffic and Production department at LevLane Advertising Agency.  The internship is extremely hands-on, and gradually introduces me to the up-keep of  the creative department . From the maintenance behind circulating jobs, to creative obligations, my position is very relevant to my course study here at Temple. Being situated near the agency’s Media & Public Relations departments, I am also exposed to the other communication outlets provided by LevLane.

I’ll try not to bore you with the details of my role, but I will fill you in on the “cool” parts. Here is a simple list of everything contributing to LevLane’s “cool factor.”

  • awesome working environment
  • close-knit employees
  • well-known clientele
  • office space layout
  • impressive case studies
  • freedom of creative input
  • family/ friend conversation
  • fierce talent

The experience thus far, is one that I was expecting. I have fellow classmates that have  interned here before and loved it.  It it truly about how much initiative you take, to get the most out of your time. This role allows me to be able to sit in on client meetings, oversee traffic status report touch-bases, and have access to the company’s network [Advantage, Entourage] in which all jobs circulate. I now have a real-world handle on how an agency’s creative department is run, and I am happy to contribute in anyway I can.

My fellow colleagues here at LevLane embrace my aspirations of becoming a copywriter and so they try and involve me as much as possible. They appreciate my ideas, and give me feedback on all of my input. I enjoy the fast-pace style of this position and could definitely see myself continuing a career like this in the future. This experience has taught me that even though the real-world is something not everyone can prepare for, Temple University has done an awesome job at preparing me. Feeling like you fit in, knowing you have a reason to be here, and seeing your ideas have a purpose is the most valuable things gained from my time here at LevLane.

Who loves ya? To be continued…




  1. Hi Amy,
    LevLane is actually one of the agencies that I’m looking to apply to next semester for another internship. Is there any specific advice you’d be willing to share for what they look for in their applicants or what the interviews are like? Or anything about your experiences with applying? It would be helpful to have an “insider’s” perspective.
    Thank you! 🙂

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