March 2012

A Good Kind of Sweat


Gillette Print Ad

This week, I took a look at the April 2012 issue of Detail Magazine. In this magazine I found an advertisement that I’ve seen many times before. I was thinking about whether or not I should talk about this advertisement but I am in a very simple advertisement kind of mood. So, the advertisement that I am talking about is for Gillette body wash and deodorant. It’s their odor shield line where it’s meant for people who sweat a lot. Men are prone to sweating a lot because most of us are very active. We play sports and are constantly at the gym trying to look good.

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‘American Idol’ Launches Clothing Line

Reality TV shows often further their profits by creating merchandise such as dolls and figurines, accessories like backpacks and lunch boxes, and other branded products. American Idol, however, will take that to the next step by designing a clothing line inspired by the hit reality show. The difference in this case is that the line will simply allude to the show, as the American Idol name will not be so obviously tied to the garments. “Authentic Icon” (which shares its initials with American Idol) will be featured at Kohls for six weeks starting April 20th, 2012.

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Target Print Ad

This week I decided to take a look at Women’s Health magazine. I don’t particularly look at Women’s Health but I decided since I looked through Men’s Health, I would do the same for all the women out there. In the current issue of Women’s Health (April 2012 issue), you see Kristen Bell on the cover. When looking through the magazine, I came across an advertisement for Target.

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Funny Faces

LifeSavers Mint Print Ad

I continued to look at Women’s Health this week, the April 2012 issue with Kristen Bell on the cover. I found another advertisement that I thought was cool. I rarely see advertisements for LifeSavers Mints but in this magazine I came across this ad. I thought it was really cool because I think it is their 100th year anniversary. They took the 100 years into consideration when creating this advertisement because you see that with the LifeSaver Mints, they made faces for the different time periods of the past. They focused on the important years like when people walked on the moon and when hip-hop was the trend.

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Female Consumers Trust Pinterest Above Other Social Media Sites

I recently posted about the wildly popular social sharing site Pinterest, and how it has serious potential to become something big in the world of advertising. Well, as a matter of fact, Adweek recently posted an article highlighting how, according to research done by, women are more likely to trust information posted about products on social sites like Pinterest and blogs than they are Facebook or Twitter. 61% of women polled said they’d acted on a blog recommendation, 47% said the same for Pinterest, while only about 30% could say the same for Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, when comparing Pinterest to Twitter directly, more women (26% vs 18%) trusted Pinterest for product information.

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Ads That Don’t Make Sense.

Geico Print Ad

This week I continued to look through GQ magazine (March issue) and came across an advertisement that seemed a bit off. We all know that little lizard from Geico. Well, in this advertisement they are using their phrase “15 minutes to see how much you can save”. In the print ad that appeared in GQ magazine, they used a creative device by comparing two different things. They said “It took forever to find those perfect shades” and comparing that to how it only takes 15 minutes to see how much you can save. They are comparing the time it takes to pick out the perfect sunglasses and to find out how you can save money by switching to Geico. When I saw this, I thought it was totally bizarre because why would they ever compare insurance and saving money to sunglasses? It’s good to compare products to show exactly what you’re trying to prove however, I don’t think this was the correct way to do so.

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Effects Are Cool.

True Religion Jeans Print Ad

This week, im looking at the current issue of GQ magazine. When looking through the magazine there are tons and tons of advertisement for men’s fashion. I came across an interesting advertisement for the True Religion Jeans. In this campaign they are focusing on the patriotic essence of the brand. They chose to go with the American color red, blue and white. They are representing this patriotic feel and they incorporated that into their type as well as the image. As you can see, the man is wearing a shirt that looks as if an American flag. But the interesting part is actually the man. I thought that this was actually the shirt he was wearing but I saw his head and realized it was an effect on Photoshop.

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Smith and Wesson “Target” Women

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. has typically been a man’s brand: even the landing page of their website screams Male Cop and/or Military Veteran With No Regard For Style Whatsoever. The company sells security equipment, handcuffs, and above all, firearms. Apparently, nearly 20 million women in America own guns – yet find that they have no where remotely stylish to put them while carrying. The company’s line, coming out this fall, will be designed in-house by Julie Golob, a world champion shooter herself.

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20nine – Young And Brilliant


I have been working at 20nine now for about two months. One of the first things I noticed about the ad agency was how young all the employees were. It made sense once I asked how the company got its name. Apparently the CEO was 29 years old when he founded it and since then wanted to hire young and brilliant talent to work for him. This made the transition easier for me because I felt like I had more in common with everyone and I did not feel as out of place. I am the only intern that they have currently at 20nine, and my job is copywriting. So far I have been asked to help with writing for ads, promotions and more. The hardest task I’ve been given thus far was writing copy for a website. I am constantly being challenged with the work I am given. I like being challenged because I know that I am learning and benefiting from it. This is my first internship so everything I do is new to me. Therefore, I know that I am not going to be great at everything right away. I’ve learned to ask many questions if things are unclear and attempt anything I am given. So far this opportunity has given me the tools I need to be successful in the future wherever I end up whether that be as a copywriter or not.

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Twelve Fluid Ounces

As promised in a recent post, I am now introducing Twelve Fluid Ounces.

Twelve Fluid Ounces is a project started by a good friend of mine, Illustrator/designer Brandt Imhoff. Brandt is a recent grad  from Tyler School of Art where he majored in printmaking. He started this ongoing project after discovering a bunch of vintage beer cans and decided to create a new drawing each week. He has been featured on several blogs (now including this one!) and hopes to have prints for sale soon, take a look at his website and let him know via twitter what you would like to see printed!

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Baubauhaus is a little bit like pinterest but for serious artists that just want to inspire each other. It’s a simple idea, full of great art. I found this site through a friend of mine, whom I will feature here on AdLib soon! Get ready for that one.

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Research Internship Harmelin Media

My name is Lindsay Smith, a junior and advertising manager in the management track.  I am the first intern ever assigned to the research department at Harmelin Media! My experience at Harmelin is not only a learning experience for me, but for the research department too, as they learn to run an internship and what duties to ascribe someone in my position.  The research department’s essential role in the company is to provide quantitative data and analysis to back up the suggestions made by media buyers, or possibly refute their ideas and cause them to adjust their media strategy accordingly.  I get to work on some interesting projects for Harmelin’s growing roster of clients (BET, Ford, etc..), finding demographic data that ultimatly influences the purchase decision of the client.  My advice to future interns would be to have a pen and paper to take notes all times! It will put you a positive light and demonstrate that you are attentive and organized.

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Who knew that work could be so tasty?

Hello! Today marked the start of my 6th week as a design intern at Maiden Media Group, located in Old City Philadelphia. If you haven’t read my previous post, Maiden Media Group is a smaller digital media agency who works with clients all over the globe. In this post, I’d like to discuss the benefit of interning at a smaller agency and the idea that you dont necessarily have to be stuck with the role of the position title on your job description.

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Learning Me

Hello everyone!

I’ve been interning at Group Two Advertising for about six weeks now, and I have not only learned a lot about the company, but I have learned a lot about myself as well.

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MAC's Shop MAC/ Cook MAC collection launch

I’ve been working with Nordstrom King of Prussia for over a year now as a part-time makeup artist with MAC Cosmetics and it seems all of my time outside of school is spent here. I love everything that Nordstrom stands for from staying up to date in the fashion industry, beauty, and even dining in their cafe or coffee at the Espresso Bar. This place treats their customers like gold and has such a great reputation among the fashion world for setting the bar with trends. In order to grow within the company and accomplish a successful internship, I began working more closely with my MAC and Nordstrom supervisors to help  market the cosmetics events and new product launches taking place throughout the semester. This means working on event and team planning, client follow ups, flyer creations and driving in more sales within the cosmetics department.

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It Takes Time to Achieve Greatness

Toyota Prius Connected Print Ad

I continued to look at Mens Health March 2012 issue and I found another advertisement that I thought was interesting. It is for the new Toyota Prius V. The campaign was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and if you go to this website you can actually see how the campaign was created. I suggest that you go see it because it’s really interesting. Their goal was to show that the Prius V has more versatility, efficiency and connectivity. That’s where these three print ads came up. They are trying to show that this car can basically do anything is for versatile, efficient and connected. They portray these three different themes with three different tag lines with different objects.

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