Funny Faces

LifeSavers Mint Print Ad

I continued to look at Women’s Health this week, the April 2012 issue with Kristen Bell on the cover. I found another advertisement that I thought was cool. I rarely see advertisements for LifeSavers Mints but in this magazine I came across this ad. I thought it was really cool because I think it is their 100th year anniversary. They took the 100 years into consideration when creating this advertisement because you see that with the LifeSaver Mints, they made faces for the different time periods of the past. They focused on the important years like when people walked on the moon and when hip-hop was the trend.

I think they captured the anniversary very well because in a way, it made me feel kind of warm and fuzzy. You get to see all the different time periods and see that LifeSavers Mints were around during all those important time periods. I think they used their anniversary with a mixture of nostalgia and created a creative advertisement. They stayed consistent and continued to show the time period on their website where they show the important key dates for the brand LifeSavers. It was simple and to the point and was executed brilliantly.

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