Research Internship Harmelin Media

My name is Lindsay Smith, a junior and advertising manager in the management track.  I am the first intern ever assigned to the research department at Harmelin Media! My experience at Harmelin is not only a learning experience for me, but for the research department too, as they learn to run an internship and what duties to ascribe someone in my position.  The research department’s essential role in the company is to provide quantitative data and analysis to back up the suggestions made by media buyers, or possibly refute their ideas and cause them to adjust their media strategy accordingly.  I get to work on some interesting projects for Harmelin’s growing roster of clients (BET, Ford, etc..), finding demographic data that ultimatly influences the purchase decision of the client.  My advice to future interns would be to have a pen and paper to take notes all times! It will put you a positive light and demonstrate that you are attentive and organized.

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