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Hello everyone!

I’ve been interning at Group Two Advertising for about six weeks now, and I have not only learned a lot about the company, but I have learned a lot about myself as well.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Group Two Advertising is, it is a small agency in center city that advertises for home building companies.  Most of the work they do is online, including blogs, facebook pages, twitter pages, and youtube pages.  They also do print work.

Knowing they only advertise for one type of client I didn’t know what to expect on my first day there. I always imagined myself interning at a big agency that has a lot of different clients, but that didn’t happen for me.  I am constantly reminding myself of my flaw of procrastination.  Anyway, the first thing that I was excited about when I walked into Group Two was having my own desk and computer to work on.  It was kind of a surreal moment for me.  And that is when the nerves kicked in, but my supervisor Laura is the sweetest person in the world and she consistently helps me understand their business from day to day.

And now here I am, six weeks in, and I feel like a pro.  I am now trusted to write blog postings for our clients, and post interesting articles on their facebook pages.  My favorite thing to do there is analyze the clients’ facebook ad campaigns.  I study their insights on their fan pages, take a screen shot of the charts, and send out emails explaining them.  It is something I get to do that directly interacts with the clients.  I feel like a part of the team.

Although I have learned a lot about the social media aspect of their agency, I have learned a lot about myself as well.  I learned that in the future I want to work in a bigger agency that works with all sorts of different clients.  I want to work on different projects daily, instead of doing the same things from day to day.  I also learned that I enjoy writing cheesy facebook posts.  It gets fun to come up with fun things to post everyday, and this is something I did not know about before.

So as I continue interning at Group Two, I hope to learn more about myself and what I want to do with my career.  After all, I will have to choose a place to work in the near future, so the more I know about myself the better.

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