Effects Are Cool.

True Religion Jeans Print Ad

This week, im looking at the current issue of GQ magazine. When looking through the magazine there are tons and tons of advertisement for men’s fashion. I came across an interesting advertisement for the True Religion Jeans. In this campaign they are focusing on the patriotic essence of the brand. They chose to go with the American color red, blue and white. They are representing this patriotic feel and they incorporated that into their type as well as the image. As you can see, the man is wearing a shirt that looks as if an American flag. But the interesting part is actually the man. I thought that this was actually the shirt he was wearing but I saw his head and realized it was an effect on Photoshop.

True Religion Jeans Facebook Image

You can see that they used filters and effects on Photoshop to make this man become more patriotic by putting the american flag on his shirt as well as his hair. So in order to research this further, I came across their Facebook page and saw that they had the campaign on their Facebook page as a woman being the profile picture with the same effects as this print advertisement. I guess they wanted to carry out the feeling of patriotism throughout the advertisement that they carried the feeling from the type to the actual body. In a way consistency is important when creating campaigns and I don’t really mind that they used this effect. I personally thought it was cool because its different from other regular fashion print advertisements.

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