April 2012

Allied Integrated Marketing

My name is Lauren Bayer. I am a senior in the account management track at Temple University. I currently hold an internship at Allied Integrated Marketing in center city. Allied is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm with capabilities including placement of print and broadcast advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional campaigns. Since my supervisor is the primary representative for the ScreenGems account, I mainly work on ScreenGems movies which makes me ScreenGem’s intern. Throughout January I work was concentrated on planning events for the movie “The Vow” in the Philadelphia area. I determined which businesses have the same target audience as the movie and offer them screening passes to give to their customers. I also designed and constructed gift baskets for press drops. I delivered these baskets to a number of radio stations in the Philadelphia area to get word of mouth about “The Vow” on air. I really enjoy my internship because of all the different people I get to meet and talk to in the process of working. My days in the office really fly by. I am lucky to get such hands on experience in this industry.

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“Wow, this is just like what I’ve done in class..”

Perhaps one of the most surprising things to me I have discovered while interning at the advertising agency Tierney, and I’m not sure why, is just how much of the skills and knowledge I have been taught in my advertising classes thus far are actually utilized on a daily basis in the profession. Now I know that might sound a little silly, but oftentimes for me it was hard to imagine putting to use what I have learned in a real-life situation so now that I am being given the chance to do so it almost feels unreal. The fact that the research projects I am being assigned are being utilized by creative teams that are going to make actual campaigns out of knowledge that I compiled and maybe even be inspired that insights I helped identify is really awesome. Knowing that competitive decks I am often asked to help build are being shared with actual big-budget clients, such as TD Bank, is very cool. Hearing client demands and dilemmas that almost directly mimic those that Professor Donnelly featured in his Account Management case studies is almost comforting in that I know that I will be well equipped to deal with such situations when my time comes to. It is relieving to realize that the advertising department has sculpted a valuable curriculum that has for sure left me feeling well-prepared to enter any agency feeling confident that I possess enough industry knowledge and skills that will hopefully quickly help make me a recognized asset in their workplace.

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My Time at the Swamp

As my internship at the Longswamp Tavern comes to an end, I realize how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time. Although, I won’t technically still be an intern, I will continue all the work I’ve been doing to better the business.

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Details details…details

Details and execution is a key part of the advertising industry. Most students think it’s all about the great ideas, and even though that is somewhat true, without great execution it won’t matter. It’s all in the details.  When you design layouts everything needs to look perfectly, there has to be a structure that pleases the eye. And this is what I have seen a lot in my internship. I’m currently an intern at Jarvus Innovations, where the focus is web design and software. I have gotten the chance to work a lot on layouts and vector shapes and this has opened my eyes to how important everything is. I had to design this logo that needed 4 different gradients, and other effects, something that made it stand out. Without those little details the logo would not look the same. There are really great graphic designers out there that we are competing against, and most of them are better than us, so our job is to show our strengths as art directors, think of every single detail.

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Screening Movies

      Hello again! My name is Lauren Bayer and I am currently interning at Allied Integrated Marketing.  Just a reminder, Allied is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm with capabilities including placement of print and broadcast advertising, marketing, publicity and promotional campaigns.  Clients of Allied include: Sony Classics, Weinstein Company/ Dimension, Disney/ Touchstone, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, MGM, TNT, Dave and Busters, Universal/ Rogue, Focuz Features, Apparition, WDSHE, Screen Gems/ Tri Star, Universal Home Video, Vivendi, Anchor Bay, Magnolia Pictures, IDP, and Overture. These movie producers use Allied to promote their movies in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas.

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Workplace Culture at The Philadelphia 76ers

76ers Official Site

76ers Official Site

This Spring Semester 2012 I have been interning with The Philadelphia 76ers. When people find this out, they always ask me how it is working there. I’m going to use this blog post to talk about the workplace culture at The Philadelphia 76ers. I feel like this is important to know for those who are interested in working there. Personally, I wish I knew about the workplace culture and environment of the prospective places that I want to be employed at. Workplace culture is important because even though a business may be in the industry you are passionate about, the workplace culture of a particular business may not be the right fit for you… you have to find the right fit for you.I wish there was more information on the inside scoop of each businesses’ workplace culture.

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My last days at LevLane

A week from today will be my last day at LevLane. And I can honestly say, I wish I didn’t have to leave. LevLane has a mix of talent and personalities that makes for a fun and interesting office. I always feel welcome and included. I’ve been to kick-off meetings, status meetings, internal meetings, etc. I really enjoyed an internal meeting to dicuss one of our clients, The Rothman Institute. It was a great experience to witness LevLane’s employees bounce ideas off each other and share their insights. I really felt part of the group. I shared my ideas and took copious notes, which I later typed up for my boss.

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Life as an Intern: What I Learned

As an advertising student, fashion enthusiast, and career driven individual, my internship has helped me realize things not only about the industry, but life as well. It’s crucial that the place you decide to intern reflects your interests and your career goals. Before even applying, ask yourself, “Is this a place where I would want to work (after graduation)?” Hopefully, the answer is yes. If not, do your research, ask around, and find a company that best represents you.
Secondly, don’t be afraid to speak up. I’ll admit, in the beginning I was shy and didn’t always voice my opinions. For example, the video and content editor stumbled across my beauty/fashion related Youtube videos I previously made. Due to his discovery, I became more involved with the creative content that Skai Blue Media produced, which is what I’m truly passionate about. In all honesty, my videos were something I did for fun and I never acknowledged their value. I know now that it’s extremely important to discuss your goals and interests to your internship. If there is something you want to try, just ask. The worst they can say is no. In my experience, I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to get more involved, but that may not always be the case.
An internship provides industry experience, but also acts as a stepping stone. It’s important to be selective and serious because it will truly make a difference for your future endeavors. In my current position, as my intern days at Skai Blue Media slowly come to an end, I am satisfied with the type of work I completed and relationships formed with SKM’s team.

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Advertising Outside of an Agency: Retail Displays

Over the course of 15 weeks during my spring semester, I spent every Wednesday and Friday on the fourth floor studio that many people don’t even know exist. In this 1800’s mansion, winding staircases and large fireplaces help give the space in which clothing and the large scale displays alike, life. Taking the ride up the elevator into the art rooms on the fourth floor started my new journey as an intern at Anthropologie in Rittenhouse Square. Getting up early isn’t something I was used to, so pulling myself out of bed at 6am wasn’t something I had done since my senior year of high school. Waking up twice a week quickly became routine, as well as a quick Dunkin Donuts stop on the way to the subway.

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