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I continued to look through Philadelphia Magazine and I came across an advertisement for a new resort in Atlantic City called Revel. The advertisement caught my attention because the advertising was very different. It had 6 series of advertisement focusing on the different parts in the resort. It has a main advertisement that shows different parts that relate to this specific resort. As you turn the pages you can see the campaign with different images and copy.

The first advertisement has different objects that relate to the resort. The second one with the copy “up all night” has objects that relate to that specific time. The third advertisement with the copy “sound check” has objects that related music and partying. The fourth one with the copy “114ft. above sea level” shows different spa objects that relates to the copy. The fifth advertisement with the copy “plate-licking” has objects that are related to eating and restaurants that are in the resort. The last advertisement with the “nightclub” has shiny objects that relate to nightlife.

I thought the advertisement was interesting because these objects are on top of each other forming a mountain. My initial thought was that they actually put that together in “real life”. If you saw my previous posts, the post with Toyota Prius, they actually brought in all the objects to put into the trunk. So I was thinking maybe they did that same thing for the Revel Resort campaign. But, that’s not possible because in some of the ads, thing cannot be balanced like that. For example, if you see the “114ft. above sea level”, there’s a campfire below the can and I can tell that it’s all with the magic of Photoshop. It was just interesting because I’ve been looking at so many different types of advertising and the things that people do with Photoshop is limitless.

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