The Best Internship Around!

At the start of my internship I had many butterflies.  What will my boss be like?  How uptight are they?  Will I learn many things that will help me in the future? I could not predict how things would go, but I came in there ready.  Ready to get my feet wet, ready to contribute, and ready to gain much needed experience.  Starting from January to now I have learned so much at Defined Clarity Inc.  I have mastered not only the job at hand, but skills that will help me throughout life.  How to be confident when speaking to others, learning how to trust my creative ideas and most importantly, how to network well in this world of business and advertising.

Conducting market research was my everyday task at Defined Clarity.  At first, I had zero interest in it.  However, as the months went by I became more and more efficient at finding the business new leads.  So efficient that I even found Defined Clarity a new client which they will begin working with this upcoming May! Who knew this internship could be so beneficial.

A glimpse of the office


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