Thinking of the Future.

So as this semester comes to an end, I began to think about my plans for the summer. I had a great experience with my interning at IG-Creative and I talked to my mentor Chris Steward about staying for the entirety of the summer. He welcomed the idea. Because of the requirement of me being in the office a minimum of 15 hours to be paid for my time, I decided to quit my job at Express, and open up the time to something that will help me with my future. While being at IG-Creative I saw that they have a lot of connections with people in the Greater Philadelphia Area. This summer, I will be trying to deepen my networking with IG-Creative and gain more experience and work I could possibly put in my portfolio. Also to gain contacts I could possibly try and do work for later on. My main goal in life is to be a freelancer, but I know that I have to gain clients first. Which is why working at an agency is ideal for me in the beginning. I plan on using this time to focus on my future, and help decide what I want to do after I graduate, and I look for IG-Creative to help me figure that out. 

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