I Guess Copy is Really Important.

Temple Heart Center Ad

This week, I took a look at Philadelphia Magazine. Philadelphia Magazine is a location-based magazine filled with all the different things that are going around in Philadelphia. It includes large amounts of advertisements for companies that are around the Philadelphia district. When I was looking through the magazine, I came across an advertisement for Temple Heart Center, specializing in heart surgery. If you see the advertisement, you see the layout is divided in half by an image of a man and some copy on the bottom. This advertisement caught my attention because the photo they chose was kind of odd. First my initial thought was, breast cancer. Even though men don’t usually get breast cancer (or not at all), it just seemed odd that they decided to choose a picture that has a man focused on his chest. I know that’s where the heart is located but the image seemed weird.

I got that it was for heart surgery because I read the headline that stated, “Heart surgery with less”. It’s advertising that Temple has a great heart surgery system where the patient will feel less pain, less scarring, and less recovery time. I would imagine the image to be something more like an older gentleman running around and being active. The image they decided to use looks like it’s meant for some other medical reason. I don’t particularly like copy because I think the image should say what the advertisement is meant to say. But in this case, the copy was definitely necessary because without the headline, I would think that it’s about men getting breast cancer.

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  1. That’s very interesting. I have seen many ads that I wouldn’t know what they were for unless there was a line of copy with it. Copy is important in that aspect.

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