Radio 104.5: Working Live @ Five and Studio Sessions

At Clear Channel, I have had the opportunity to meet several bands, big and small. I worked with the assistant program director, Wendy Rollins, to put on Live @ 5 on Fridays. Each Friday, a local band comes into the station to perform on live radio in the iHeartRadio Theatre. I greet the bands and help them load any equipment they have brought with them. I make sure they are on track to sound check in a timely manner so they will be ready to go live at 5pm. Later, I bring the band’s guest list to Clear Channel’s receptionist. Right before 5, I get the listeners from the lobby and bring them into the iHeartRadio Theater. The band then plays an original song and a cover of a song originally done by a “Radio 104.5 band.”

Studio Sessions are very similar to the weekly Live @ 5 events. Studio Sessions, however, include bands who are well known, played on the station, and usually touring. These bands are often on a tight schedule, especially because they often come in on the day of a Philadelphia show. The process is similar to Live @ 5 except that there are usually meet and greets after the performance. As soon as the band has finished their set, I instruct the listeners where to stand and wait. I hand out any posters or albums the record label has provided for signing. I then have the listeners come up one or two at a time to get autographs and their picture taken. From there the listeners are directed out of the building. Once the gig is over I help the band load out and send them on their way.

I’ve heard about a lot of new music through Live @ 5 that I probably never would have found. The Studio Sessions are really cool to be a part of because I have met a lot of really awesome bands. In addition to meeting the bands, these events are also great for networking. I have introduced myself to several managers and promotions reps over the semester and have made a lot of great connections.




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