8 Simple Steps to Succeed

Hello, my name is Ashley Leonard. I am an Advertising major at Temple University, focusing on the art direction. I have completed my internship at Shooters Inc, a production company on walnut street. I have had many tasks, big and small, during my two month internship. From cleaning the kitchen and restocking the fridge, to being on set for a commercial assisting wardrobe and assisting the producer, I have learned so much. I figured I would share some tips for future interns on how to succeed at their internships.

1. Always come into work with a bright smiling face, come prepared to complete any task given to you, and do it with a smile!

2. Go out of your way to ask employees if you can help them with anything, they appreciate the aggressiveness and willingness to learn, and they might surprise you with what they are willing to teach.

3. The people you are interning for are not teachers, ask questions! make sure you come into work every day with a list of new questions so that your days are not just filled with work, but filled with education and purpose.

4. Try to keep busy, i’ve had super busy days and super laid back days, but try to keep your eyes on the prize and remember why you are there in the first place, to make your mark, expand your networking, and learn something new every day.

5. Keep notes. Try to write down as much as possible so you can soak everything in and go back and reflect on what you have learned. It’s just like sitting in class when the teacher is teaching, only interning is more hands on, so you have to know what you are doing and do it to the best of your ability!

6. Try to build relationships with the employees while you are there, try and have lunch or set aside a time to talk and discuss your future or any questions you may have regarding there role in the company. I personally have chatted with almost everyone I came into contact with at shooters, all extremely talented people.

7. Be willing. Be available. Be Prepared.

8. Have FUN! After all, your internship is all about your attitude to succeed!

I hope my advice helps.


Ashley Leonard



My fellow interns and I built a desk together, teamwork!




Us interns working together to transcribe an infomercial.





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