98.1 WOGL: Behind the Personalities

Before I started at my internship at Philadelphia’s radio station, 98.1 WOGL, I had no idea what I was going to do or what I would even be interested in doing. I had no knowledge of radio and honestly never thought I’d do anything within the radio world. But as soon as I got there I knew there was something in the atmosphere that I liked.

When I first got to WOGL, I was placed under the supervision of the promotions department aka the fun department. I get “internship work” where I make phone calls to people that have recently won prizes from the radio station and fill out their paper work. I make sure those packages get out in the mail. This experience has taught me how each part of a business is important.

The WOGL promotions department is set up very well, making everything flow smoothly. It also helped me improve my people and phone skills by having to call multiple people a day. People react differently to my calls and I’ve learned to handle each person with care.

Another side of the promotions department is the events that WOGL & CBS Radio host or sponsor. I recently got to attend to The Flower Show and sat in on a live broadcast. It was not with WOGL, but one of CBS Radio’s other stations, 1210 WPHT talk radio. It was interesting because I do not listen to talk radio, so to see how that works and how Rich Zeoli, who I was with that day, interacts with his listeners and how he reacts to people that call in was cool.

It was funny to see people at The Flower Show react to seeing a live broadcast happening while they walk by. Some were confused, but some loved it and stopped to enjoy Rich talk. WOGL has many other events that they sponsor, but most of them happen when the weather is nicer, so it was hard to go to multiple events in the cold winter time. Coming up Easter weekend, I will be attending an Easter egg hunt in the Morrestown Mall in New Jersey. That will be fun to help kids with their hunting and enjoy my time giving out prizes and getting WOGL’s name out!

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