98.1 WOGL: Greatest Hits of the 60s, 70s, & 80s

In January I started an internship at CBS Radio’s 98.1 WOGL.  This radio station reaches an older demographic (25-54) and plays the gratest hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

One might ask… Ashley, why do you think you would fit in at a radio station that does not even reach your demographic?  And my answer for that:  I already know how to generally reach my demographic since I’m apart of it!  I’m knowledgeable of what is hip and new, and have experience with reaching out to college students.  What I am interested in at this internship is that I can learn how to target an older demo, and compare the differences in how to approach younger people and older people.

I have been working in the advertising sales department and the promotions department and have been having totally different experiences with each.  My perceptions about advertising sales have changed; I was always scared of sales and never thought that I would want to go down that path.  But so far I have been having fun going out on appointments and cold calls with the account executives here at WOGL.

In the promotions department I feel more like an intern.  I make lots of phone calls and work with spreadsheets, but I am still learning a lot though!  I’m learning more of how a radio station is run in the promotions department, and how all of the different departments come together and work as one to create a successful radio station.

This Friday I get to work an event for Phillies Opening Day!  I am excited to see how working promo events for WOGL will be like.

-Ashley Phung

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