A Blog Post on How My Internship Taught Me How to Write a Blog Post

I am an avid blog reader. I spend 90% of my time on BuzzFeed and only use Facebook to share the interesting blogs I’ve read with people who don’t care. Surprisingly, with all the experience I’ve had reading blogs, I’ve never actually written one. I never had the need to and I honestly didn’t think I would be good at it. When I started my internship at Chatterblast Media, I came in as a Research & Reporting intern so creating content wouldn’t necessarily be my specialty. I would be doing things along the lines of strategies and monthly reports. However, as soon as I got there I was immediately encouraged to write a blog post. I absolutely loved writing it and apparently everyone else loved reading it! I have to admit it was one of the proudest moments of my life.

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The thing about me is that I have a creative mind but I’m afraid to set it free. I have a lot of good ideas but have trouble expressing them. ChatterBlast helped me break through that creative wall. Team members helped me brainstorm and revise my articles. They worked with me to make my writing better and my blogs more intriguing. At first, writing a piece for the world to see honestly scared me, but now I can say creating an interesting blog post is something that I can not only confidently accomplish but I can also do it well. Eventually I was asked to start writing posts for client blogs and even copy for social media posts. I am proud to say that next semester I will be staying at ChatterBlast Media as an Account Management Intern.

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The moral of the story here is to never sell yourself short. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot.” Once you open up your mind you can do anything you want and you may even discover hidden talents you never knew you had!

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