My name is Tyler West and I’m a senior advertising major in the Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication. This summer I’m serving as an intern with the Philadelphia Eagles in the Ticket Sales and Fan Services department.

The past month working within the Eagles organization has taught me the true meaning of teamwork. Outside of the players, the people of the Eagles front office have displayed to me how their togetherness plays a huge role in the teams’ success. Unfortunately, not everyone can become a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, everyone from the custodian to the VP of Sales all play a crucial part in keeping the Eagles in operation and functional.

Since the beginning of my internship period with the Eagles, I, along with the other 11 interns, was immediately thrown into the fire. Their policy seems to be the best teacher is experience. With the NCAA National Championships for Lacrosse occurring the first weekend of the internship, there was quite a bit of trial and error among us, interns. However, the teamwork and family atmosphere that the Eagles front office staff has shown us allowed us to flourish and excel. Even the fellow interns were willing to help and encourage each other when tough times occurred.

The atmosphere within the office is has been a lot different than previous internships that I’ve had. It is a lot less formal and encourages a very casual look among it’s employees. Previous internships I’ve had held their employees to a strict and professional standard. Not much casual conversations occurred between coworkers if any at all. The Eagles are night and day and makes adapting to the work environment very easy.   

Being a part of the Philadelphia Eagles organization has been a tremendous honor. Although there were other opportunities for me this summer, working with the Eagles has taught me a lot in the few weeks I’ve been interning with them. I have much more to learn with them, as I am extremely excited to continue my internship exploring and learning from the Philadelphia Eagles.