A Final Goodbye To Internships

Wrapping up my final few weeks at Propulsion Media Labs was a bit bittersweet. Along my journey through the semester at Propulsion I was able to make some great contacts with people in the advertising world, as well networking with students from other schools I worked along side of such as Penn State and West Chester University. We all worked so well together and I know that as we part and begin to form our own paths in “real world,” we are able to keep each other in the back of our minds when positions may arise.

Although I had already completed my internship requirements for the Advertising curriculum, and had done yet another prior to that, I believe choosing to do a third was incredibly beneficial to me. Each one gave me a different insight to the professional world as well as the different elements to design and advertising. We all know that paying for the credits to work for free isn’t always the route we want to take when fulfilling our internship requirements. We all want a little something back.  But I truly believe that the benefit of working along side professionals and gaining experience is more of a reward than a monetary one alone (but who would complain if it were an option).

Over the course of the semester I had the opportunity to work directly on social networking, which is only becoming larger within advertising. I was also able to work on writing of TV and radio spots, and helped to redesign a display board for future interns to see during college fairs. I was allowed creative freedom and felt as if I could complete most tasks at the job with little to no direction. The last week at my internship the guys let me know that if I were to ever need anything to let them know and they would get me set up with the proper connections and also let me know that if I were to need any entry level position that they would be able to find a place for me. It’s a good feeling knowing that I successfully networked with professionals in the industry that can help me further my career in the long run. With only 5 months left until graduation, this is a critical time in finalizing thoughts on where I would like to see myself in a year from now.

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