Hi Everyone! My name is Gabriela Herzog, and this past semester, I’ve been working as a Marketing Intern at Temple University Global Programs Office. I am an international student majoring in advertising, and being able to work at one of Temple’s International Affairs offices was extremely important for me to become the professional I am now, four months after.

At the International Affairs office, every staff member already had the experience of living in another country. Therefore, every day, I got to hear a different story and have different perspectives. As an international student, I felt like I belonged there. I had three main jobs throughout my internship: manage social media, email marketing, and assist in marketing campaigns. I oversaw all the Global Programs social media accounts and helped with creating email blasts and marketing campaigns that will be used for communication purposes for prospective students.

I think that one of my biggest challenges was to learn how marketing works for Asia. Global Program’s biggest marketing targets are Asian students and partner universities. I had to adapt to Asian ways of communicating. For example, there are a lot of social media platforms that are not allowed in some countries in Asia. Therefore, if I wanted to send to prospective Chinese students a Youtube video, I had to change its platform so they could have access. However, this and many other things were challenges that I faced and made my love for social media marketing grow.

I always wanted to work for a multinational company, and Global Programs Office is the opposite of that. Working in a small office where I was able to share the experience with every staff member helped me learn a lot, which I do not think I would if I had started in a bigger company right away. I will always be grateful for the opportunity Global Programs gave to me!