A Grammy Nominated Internship

My name is Ava Doskicz, and I am a senior studying advertising with a focus in account management in the Lew Klein College of Media and Communications. I am a diligent and eager Advertising student that has a strong visual eye for emerging trends and often serves as both the organizational and motivational leader on behalf of a team. I am decisive by nature and thrive in situations where I can offer input on topics involving the company’s growth.

I started my advertising career with my first internship at Ivory Productions and Flexitone Records during my senior year of high school. This experience was an amazing opportunity for me to grow my leadership, time management, and work ethic skills as a creative. I got a glimpse into the thrilling world of the music industry and the behind the scenes of the madness.

I accepted another internship with these two companies as a second opportunity to further my career and skills. This time around I have a higher-up position and get to work beside music professionals and artists. I have furthered my knowledge and experience to obtain the more advanced responsibilities and leadership role that I have now taken on. My duties include event planning and managing social media advertising. I also oversee marketing strategies and the process of creating digital campaigns for events and artists of Flexitone Records. This time around I have higher responsibilities within the company and a more personal connection with the employees/interns.

David Ivory, the CEO and founder of both Ivory Productions and Flexitone Records is an inspiration to all the interns and has a stellar reputation within the music industry. Working aside someone so talented and experienced was very eye-opening and I was honored to work closely to him at times. Ivory was apart of The Recording Academy for many years, being elected President of the Philadelphia chapter during his time and earlier being nominated for a Grammy award. His knowledge, passion, and drive for music and the business has inspired me greatly to do what I love and to never stop chasing my dreams. I am so humbled to have gotten another chance to further my knowledge and experience in advertising and polish my skills to be the best I can be in this position and future job opportunities.

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