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It’s a fresh spring semester here at Temple University! As we get back into the swing of things, one of the hardest adjustments we usually find is getting back on the grind. It’s hard after a long break to pick back up and start classes again when we were just in the mindset of relaxation. To ease the start I thought I’d offer up some sites that I frequent based on peer and teacher reviews that always help in getting the creative juices flowing. As ad students, I think we can all agree that we all love a little inspiration!

My favorite site that I scroll through daily is designspiration.net. Designspiration is a site that showcases all different creative pieces such as photography, letterheads, typography, color schemes, or even just random cool pictures. You can choose trending topics if you need particular inspiration, or you can just scroll around and wait for something that strikes you as genius. I’ve been stuck on a lot of projects where I needed help visualizing what I wanted and going on this site has sparked some pretty amazing ideas for me. One of my favorite features is right at the top, you can select from a color palette to further define what you’re looking for. Just pick a color that stands out to you and browse!

Another site that is referred by a lot of professors is www.behance.net. I’ve heard a lot of people use Behance as an online portfolio source, which is great, but it’s also a source for inspiration. You can browse portfolios of other people’s work from all over. They have a wide variety of creative fields for you to browse under—advertising, illustration, art direction, etc. I love the way that they tag pieces of work on their site because I can even look for something as specific as branding or interaction.

My final suggested site is www.oneclub.org. It’s always inspiring seeing the award winning work of people within our own industry and One Club always picks the best of the best. It’s convenient having their awards archived in its own section for you to browse at your own leisure. Another cool feature is the creative showcase where a lot of pieces are displayed from the advertising community. Not only that, but their website is inspiring on its own. The way they have it formatted is very unique and sleek—great for suggestions when creating web or interactive designs!

I hope you find a little inspiration from these sites and if you have any other suggestions, please share!

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