If you’ve ever seen wedding photos featuring picture perfect brides and grooms in scene out of a fairytale that seems way too perfect to be real, it might be. Styled shoots are a huge part of the wedding industry. It is basically a collaboration between wedding vendors such as photographers, videographers, fashion companies, hair & makeups artists, floral designers, decor designers and venues, where they all come together to create a wedding scene. The point is to create inspiration for weddings as well as demonstrate their skills.

The company I work for is a wedding fashion brand, so we provide dresses and accessories for many styled shoots. It costs basically nothing to provide the gown, which is shipped to the photographer and returned after the shoot. In return, we get the photo assets which we use in marketing and on social. The photos turn out to be beautiful and extremely high quality, because the vendors do their absolute best work. After we receive the photos, the vendors usually submit the final photos to wedding blogs in hopes of being published. If they are published, all the vendors are credited on the blog. Because these blogs are where brides look to for inspiration and planning, they come across our company name. Styled shoots are a great way to grow brand awareness with SEO benefits, and gain valuable photo assets at an extremely low cost.