I have been continuing my first internship here at Finch Brands for a few months now .  Finch Brands, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a Philadelphia based boutique branding agency located in Old City near 3rd and Chestnut street.  For me Finch Brands was a perfect fit for what I needed out of an internship.  Finch is a smaller business, but they work in all parts of advertising including creative, strategy, research, account management etc…  This means I get a little experience in everything.

When I began my internshipI was an advertising major with a creative track in copy writing.  From all my experiences copy writing for my classes I thought I would focus on getting a career in the creative end of advertising.  After taking part in real copy writing work during my term at Finch I realized that it really wasn’t the type of work I wanted to do.

On the flip side my internship helped me to realize I that I really like working in the research & strategy side of advertising.  My title at Finch is “research and strategy intern” so naturally I get a lot of this kind of work.  I’ve helped with all kinds of research, from surveys to focus groups(sitting behind the one-way glass during the focus groups was so cool!) and I love it.  Which is the opposite of how I felt from my experiences with ad research in classes, I originally wanted nothing to do with it.

While my internship has taught me a lot about advertising the most important lesson for me was actually a very old one, “don’t knock it till ya try it”.  I thought I knew what I wanted to do just from what I had learned in my classes, but now I know I should try my hand at everything, because you never know what you like or what you might be good at.