A RealTime Internship!

Hello, Everyone! My name is Hannah Erfle, and I am a senior graduating in May with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising from Temple University Lew Klein College of Media and Communication.

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Hannah Erfle, and I am a senior graduating in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Temple University Lew Klein College of Media and Communication.

During my final semester at Temple, I decided to take on my fourth internship experience with RealTime Media as a Marketing Strategist! I was lucky enough to come across this internship opportunity after Andrew Jessick, a 2016 Temple graduate, spoke to one of my classes about his experience as Chief Marketing Officer at RealTime media!

Side note: (networking, especially with Temple Alumni, has opened up so many doors for me- I highly suggest going out of your way to introduce yourself to former Owls as many of them are more than willing to lend a helping hand!)   

RealTime Media is the nation’s leading digital promotions company located in Conshohocken, PA. RealTime Media specializes in running digital promotions such as sweepstakes, contests, instant win games, loyalty programs, user-generated content (UGC) campaigns for very notable companies like Netflix, Walmart, L’OREAL, Comcast, CVS, Kleenex, and many more. RealTime media is a full-service, in-house advertising agency that can create customizable digital campaigns, develop prize strategies and take care of all legal administration.

Through my internship as a marketing strategist at RealTime media, I’ve learned so much! I am extremely grateful to work for an award-winning agency, which has allowed me to be wholly immersed in its business operations. My experience with RealTime Media has consisted of:

  • Working one-on-one with the marketing coordinator to prepare for and participating in strategy meetings w/ senior staff
  • Learning to conduct analyses and forecasting sales, leads, impressions, and conversions
  • Working within Salesforce (a pertinent business Client Relation Management system) to enter and report on data
  • Helping develop and execute upon marketing strategies, including product positioning
  • Working with experienced team members to draft and develop sales materials
  • Drafting and produce marketing content, including blogs, email content, and website content
  • Conducting SEO and Paid keyword research and strategies using Google Ads & Analytics

This internship has been fundamental in my understanding of digital marketing. My position as a marketing strategist has also allowed me to build my professional portfolio with great pieces of material, which are currently being used by an award-winning digital promotions company! My experience with RealTime media has given me the experiential foundation to help any business (potentially my own) excel and expand its online marketing presence to boost sales and revenue!

My supervisor Andrew Jessick, a former Temple Owl,  has definitely inspired me as a young professional. Andrew started as a marketing intern with RealTime Media while he was still attending Temple in 2016, and in a very short amount of time- made his way all the way up the totem pole to control and operate all marketing efforts for RealTime Media. Andrew is one of the smartest, hardest working, determined, consistent, kind, and caring people I have ever met! He is a phenomenal representation of someone who makes the most out of every opportunity that crosses his path. Andrew’s personal efforts, which included teaching himself the fundamentals of online marketing and client relationship management, influenced the company to quadruple in sales and revenue!!! Andrew has been an incredible role model and mentor for me, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work for such an inspiring young professional!

Here is a picture of me and another intern from Temple University in a meeting discussing the expirential user-flow through RTM.com.

The infographic is a piece of content I designed for RTM.com



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