A semester with the Flyers

As the semester is coming to an end luckily my internship is not. I was fortunate enough to be asked to stay another semester as an intern with the Philadelphia Flyers. Overall, this semester has been a wonderful learning experience. Being an intern with such a well-known organization has showed me not only what I want to do as career but also what I dont want to do. In light of the lack of a agreement and lock out situation of the National Hockey League, my internship duties changed a lot but nevertheless the experience has overall been extremely positive.

It was interesting to start to put my education to use. I have had internships in the past but I found this one to be very different because of how large and well-known the organization is. One part of the company that I admire the most is their teamwork. I quickly learned how much the individual departments rely so heavily on each other for success. This really excites me because I love working with other people.

Another aspect of my internship I enjoyed was being able to shadow professional outside of the department I was working with. One of  my favorite experiences was speaking with the Director of Marketing for Complex Marketing. Her job history was very interesting. One thing she taught me was be ready for change because she was asked to move to Orlando and was hesitant at first but in the long run was reward with a promotion back home in Philly after a year.

I am extremely excited to be returning as an intern with the Flyers in the spring!

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