My name is Christopher Biehn. As a former journalism student, I converted to advertising and transferred to Temple.  My summer  internship at Red Tettemer O’Connell+ Partners has secured my confidence that the account management career path is the right fit for me.

One of the many strengths of RTO+P is their collaborative team effort.  I was particularly impressed with the brainstorming and creative sessions. Everyone’s input is highly valued, and the final advertising projects incorporate many different ideas. This has led to RTO+P’s reputation for high client satisfaction.  Having exposure to all steps of the advertising process has allowed me to understand the account manager’s job of securing a client, serving as the liaison between the client and the creative team, communicating client requests, and sharing creative revisions.  I appreciate how the account manager takes a leadership role, organizes team and client calls, and ensures the advertising work satisfies all the brand’s goals by being actively involved throughout the creative process. It has been exciting to be behind the scenes and gain important insight on the job’s role that builds upon the concepts I learned in the classroom.

I enjoy strategic thinking, team collaboration, and brainstorming, so this internship has been an ideal learning experience for me.  I am encouraged that my strengths align with the account manager’s role. It has been insightful to shadow my supervisor, Jenna, and see how a seasoned account manager operates on a day to day basis and leads brand campaigns.  She taught me to take risks, since the best advertising ideas are bold and adventurous.