Adjusting and thriving in a new environment.

Hi! My name is Abby Layden, and I am a senior advertising major. This fall, I had the great opportunity to intern at Brian Communications in Center City, Philadelphia. Located in the heart of the city, I was able to work with people who value their employees and the importance of teamwork.

I feel this experience has, most importantly, taught me what I want for my career. After working for the first few weeks, I learned that I would love to work here or in another office that has the same environment. I am very grateful that I was brought in by such a welcoming and motivated team. Since this was my first internship, I was nervous to start, but my transition at Brian was better than I could’ve expected, and I felt that I was appreciated for my role even on my first day.

Working at Brian Communications has allowed me to meet and work with a great team. I worked directly with two managers, and my role was mainly to assist them with accounts they were working on and other creative opportunities. I appreciated when they would ask me what I was interested in and give me opportunities to expand my work. My managers encouraged me to schedule a one-on-one with those alumni to discuss their role in the company. Luckily, there are multiple Temple alumni on the team, and we discussed their role in the company. I wanted to ask about their job search process after graduating and how the adjustment from being a student to working full-time was.

A positive aspect I discovered is the power of a supportive and communicative team. Communication is important to produce the best results, and that was one of the first things I learned while working with Brian Communications. While working directly with my managers, I felt supported and encouraged to ask questions. As an intern, that made me more comfortable, even when I made mistakes! Even when I was having trouble completing some assignments, my managers were always willing to guide me to make sure I was learning and growing each week.

Working at Brian Communications has been a great experience, and I have a glimpse into a creative work environment. I am lucky to have been able to spend my last fall semester surrounded by a committed and driven team.

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  1. Hi Abby, I love that your supervisors were so dedicated to mentor and support you, that is very important when starting out in your career. I think it’s awesome you got to collaborate with different creative ideas and put your knowledge into them! It sounds like you got to learn a lot from post grad advice to working with clients, It sounds like a great work environment. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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