My name is Luvina Kwon and I have been interning at I76 Solutions, a full service marketing agency. We are located right outside of the City, in Plymouth Meeting. I have been interning here since the end June and I have to say its been really nice. The first thing I learned is you have to take every assignment seriously, no matter how small. Such as, filling in dates on a flow chart for a client or thinking of copy for a social media post. In my experience so far, I have a better understanding of how a marketing agency operates. First you have the client demands, in order to full fill those demands you have to find resources. It could be a particular software that records metrics or it could be your team members. Although my major is in advertising, I found that marketing and advertising go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. This was made clear from the CEO and founder, Drew Salamone. Through his passion for technology, creativity and marketing he inspired me to think outside the box in order to reach the target audience. It’s not just billboards and poster, there’s banner ads, geo-targeting, geo-fencing, landing pages where we can obtain phone numbers and email addresses, and much much more in the digital world. So far my stay at I76 has exceeded my expectations. I thought I wouldn’t be able to be creative, but I found myself being creative on a daily basis.