All Booze All Day

I work in front and behind the scenes of Cocktail Culture Co. making sales, creating content, and hosting the classes. When I first started this internship back in November, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had no knowledge involving the food and beverage industry nor what it takes to run a business. During the first few weeks, the other intern and I slowly integrated into our duties and responsibilities for the week. We started off creating content for the upcoming events, posting on their socials, etc. As the weeks progressed, we started to gain more responsibilities including keeping track of sales in the calendar, creating the schedule, emailing the recipes, etc. Now, as I am entering my sixth month of working there I have been promoted to a part-time position.

This experience has allowed me to explore various software including Canva, WordPress, Square, Mailchimp, Google Ads, etc. I am grateful to have been given this internship as it has provided me with an immense amount of knowledge relating to marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. My goal is to apply my newfound skills to my future career.

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