Amazing Accomplishments Already Made, but the Journey is Far From Over

We have just passed through week 4 of actually working in the classroom with students at Kensington CAPA, excluding the weeks off for Columbus Day and the hurricane. Obviously we have hit a few road bumps and obstacles, another being Veterans Day this coming Monday. Despite all that has been thrown in our way, the kids still show up with brilliant, exciting ideas week after week. We are exactly one month away from the final presentation, and while we have made serious progress we are far from finished. By the final presentation date there is much I want us, Kensington and Temple students alike, to accomplish. I would like us to have created a completely innovative and functional campaign for Philabundance. To do this in the little time we have left will be no easy feat, but I believe in our group. Ideally I would love it if this was 100% done by the Kensington students themselves, however, I’ve come to realize that as teachers, our guidance and knowledge of advertising will play a big role in the completion of this campaign.

After this past week where multiple amazing commercial ideas were thrown around amongst our group, the smallest group we’ve had yet, I am very confident in where this campaign is headed. We have our big idea in place, which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. I can only hope that next week we have a higher attendance because the more amazing and intelligent students show up, the more we can accomplish and the stronger our campaign will be. The students who have shown up one week, every other week, or every week are so smart and creative. Their immediate interest in what we are there to teach and what they are asked to do just blows me away. It is more than I would have ever expected.

The interest they have shown plays a huge role in all that we have accomplished. From the mood boards they created two weeks ago to the commercials they came up with this week, there are big things in store for this campaign from our group. Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the Kensington students would be their interest in applying to college and taking the initiative. Many have stated the lack of help they are receiving from their school or even at home, yet are willing to ask for help from us. I am very humbled by that. It makes me feel like I am doing something truly important through this class. Making a campaign is all well and good but I joined this class to participate in something bigger than myself, bigger than any regular college course. I truly feel like that is what I’m getting from all of this. So yes, I have big goals for our Kensington CAPA group and ourselves, but I am beyond thrilled with all that we have already achieved.

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