Amazing Secrets About Small Business

My name is Madeline Ryan and I’m an advertising student at Temple, with a concentration in brand strategy & research. For the past year I have been a marketing intern at a small jewelry and accessories business called Lisi Lerch. My duties are primarily creating the wholesale emails, but I also assist when any other projects come up here and there. I also recently started creating the emails for the brick-and-mortar location in Villanova, in addition to the wholesale emails. When I first started at Lisi Lerch I didn’t have much experience in email marketing, but I have learned so much, thanks to my supervisor. I am now more than confident in platforms like Canva and Klaviyo.

Interning at a small business has been very beneficial to my learning experience. While I’ve been able to grow my advertising and marketing skills, I’ve also had a closer look into how a business runs. The company is both business-to-consumer and business-to-business, so I’ve been able to see first-hand how these processes differ. Another benefit to interning at a small business is the ability to form close relationships with supervisors and co-workers. I feel encouraged to ask questions and to make suggestions, it’s made me feel very confident in this role. As graduation approaches, my supervisor has spoken to me about her post-graduation experience and has given me encouragement throughout this process. 

My biggest piece of advice to future interns is to look into more companies than the big names. While these companies are big names for a reason, interning with a small business gave me a new perspective on advertising and marketing. Instead of feeling like an intern, I feel like an integral part of the company’s operation. I can see the positive effect I have on the company, and it’s extremely rewarding. 


  1. Loved this post! I definitely agree that smaller businesses are not to be overlooked in terms of interning opportunities and beyond. I feel that working with a smaller team and business allows for much more attention paid to you, your ideas, and all of your questions. Many of us have this inclination to go for the big agencies and brands, but sometimes smaller businesses allow for more growth potential. (P.S. I looked up Lisi Lerch and the pieces are beautiful!! So cool).

  2. Hi Madeline, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your internship and finding it valuable for your personal and professional growth. Undoubtedly, this internship will teach you a lot and provide you with a great learning experience. I’m happy for you. good luck!

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