An Internship that ROCKS

How 93.3 WMMR ROCKED my internship

Hello! My name is Lauren O’Donnell and I’m incredibly fortunate enough to have called Beasley Media Group, the home of my all time favorite radio station since my childhood, 93.3 WMMR, my place of internship this summer! During my internship, not only did I learn about the process of sales and advertising, but I also learned that the radio industry is so fun that I am incredibly sad to be leaving.

This experience would not have been nearly as amazing without the wonderful people that I was privileged enough to work alongside. Not only was it super cool to be working for a radio station (radio is FUN) with all the talented and hilarious radio personalities, but all the people in the sales department are such incredibly kind and helpful people. They were thrilled to help me in any way possible.

I was taught about digital advertising and how it works on all its platforms such as, email marketing, and banner ads. I created recaps for radio events on Powerpoint that not only were important to send to the client whose event it was, but it also let my creativity run wild. My favorite project included a tattoo convention client. The task was to find every tattoo shop in the given city to be used as a geofence location to push the conventions ad.

Not only am I able to take away the logistical things I learned, but also about the sales environment. Sales has always been something that peaked my interest and to be fully submersed in the upbeat, fast paced environment was crucial to my understanding of what this real world of sales is really like.

In conclusion, this internship taught me more than I could have imagined, and most importantly that radio and sales are for me.

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  1. Hey Lauren! It seems as though your internship helped you pursue your future career, which I can relate to as I had a similar experience at my internship. Your internship allowed you to look into a different a part of advertising through the radio/media industry, which will be able to give you more knowledge to add to your resume. I learned through my internship that I wanted to focus on social media. Both of our internships have exposed us to a diverse clientele, which will definitely help us with our future career goals.

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