And Then It Hits You………

I knew that Advertising required creating ads anywhere your heart can dream of or creating any experience you’d like. And I knew that advertising was needed by all brands, businesses and initiatives in order to do so. But it is a WHOLE OTHER STORY to see it before your very own eyes. It was this very fact that floored me for the 1st time in living color.

I go through my days, as most ad students do, from class to class and one internship day to another. You see campaign example after campaign example, mock-up after mock-up, and edits and revisions one after the other. That was all I knew and was experienced in it thus far. But It wasn’t until I was on the highway one day that I looked up and saw a client’s billboard from LevLane right there as I passed it by. Elated as I was, I was also in complete AWE. Not because I had never seen a billboard before. Not because it was the most marvelous thing I have ever seen. But because the same job by the same client that I had seen mocked up revision after revision on a piece of paper until they got it right DOWN TO THE “T”, was right there in living color in front of me. It was also then that I had a LIVE epiphany. It was the amount of impact our creative minds can have on people through our advertisements as ad professionals. It then reminded me why I was so excited to jump into advertising in the 1st place. It was at that moment that LevLane taught me something great and gave me being their intern even MORE great purpose.

So in the name of LevLane’s slogan, I sincerely ask Advertising HERself,

“Who Loves Ya?”……..




and my reply to that?:

“I DO” 🙂

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