As an intern at Deux Wave animation studios, I have been provided with an experience that will be extremely valuable in both short and long term career goals. As an advertising major in the art direction track, and former BFA, I have been using adobe creative cloud programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign for several years. However, the industry standard for 2D animation is After Effects, and in my time at Deux Wave I have been assigned several tutorials to translate my illustration skills to animation. Knowledge of this program, and animation principles and techniques will surely give me a leg up in any creative industry.

The work that I have contributed at Deux Wave studios, thus far, has been for multiple music videos, an Instagram TV ad, Philly Style Bagels, and Deux Wave’s social media. They take on a great deal of commercial work for television and web ads, and have many personal projects that get submitted to film festivals and contests.

My role in this internship is very broad and changes on a day to day basis. I will be assigned to sketch out character ideas, storyboards, style frames, and small cel animations. This particular animation was for Deux Wave’s social media.¬†Working in a small creative studio has allowed me to expand upon my set of skills, while also having a front row seat where art and advertising collide.