Anthropology vs. Anthropologie

Often when I explain to my distant relatives what it is I do at the internship they’ve got wind that I received, they reply with a short story about how their cousin so-and-so got his degree in Anthropology as well.  I have to clarify then that my Anthropologie ending in that differentiating “ie” is vastly unique from its homophone counterpart: Anthropology, the study of humanity.  I have come to realize, however, that Anthropologie is the most fitting name for a store that can truly transform a woman’s view of herself with a cultural and worldly experience otherwise unmatched in retail.  Anthropologie dedicates itself to artful displays that transport a customer to their dream world, a place where they could not get enough time.  That true love of artistic experience is not only what makes Anthropologie so special in the eyes of its employees and faithful shoppers, but what keeps consumers coming back for more.  It is definitely clear that Anthropologie has wonderful merchandise to offer its shoppers, but what truly causes these women to return is the raw experience they have in the store, for most a step around the corner is a get away from all of life’s other troubles.

They laugh uncertainly when I tell them I craft all day, literally–craft all day.  But put in the most simple terms, that is what I do.  I am a Visual Display intern with Anthropologie in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia.  In my weeks as an intern, I have spent hours cutting, measuring, painting, and of course hot gluing the nothing less than magical store display.  I have come to learn the truth behind the classic understanding that “patience is a virtue” and have been thankful that I so naturally “go with the flow,” for creating the perfect display is an ever changing process.  Never second-guess the Anthropologie shopper to settle for anything less than perfection, she is wise and witty and she expects to be thrilled.  I have come to learn so much about my own creativity and have grown noticeably in my craft.

I have also had a revelation about my goals for the future.  When I entered college I went into Advertising on whim, knowing that I wanted to work extremely close with fashion and definitely in a creative outlet.  I soon fell in love with  Adobe Creative Suite and took off making personal projects to sharpen my skill.  However I was never exactly sure how I felt about working at an Advertising Agency.  Through working with Anthropologie I have decided that Advertising is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Let’s face it, advertising bothers most people.  It gets in their way, interrupts their lives, and cuts into their enjoyable recreation.  It destroys skylines and litters the streets.  However store display in Anthropologie truly makes people happy.  It intrigues them, sharpens their curiosity, and inspires them.  That is what I want to do with my future: inspire people.  I want to create art that delights them to look at and enhances their day as opposed to tinging it.  I want to cause people who normally wouldn’t notice and artistic decision take a second look.  I hope I can achieve this through continuing with the URBN, Inc company in their Art Direction department in the future.

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  1. Alex! I miss you, first of all, and I’m so excited you got this internship! I know how much you always loved Anthropologie, so I’m sure you were excited when you got the job. Being a Visual Display intern sounds awesome and I’m sure you rocked it!

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