Appian Entertainment Experience

For my internship at Appian Entertainment, I was responsible in creating social media content for the company’s social media, along with its clients Teresa Giudice and Dorinda Medley from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives. The content is focused on appearances and events for the clients to promote both the company and client with the goal of the talent soliciting future offers for appearing at venues.

While there were some “in-office” required days, most of my work was completed remotely. I had a flexible work schedule for the most part that didn’t have set clock-in and clock-out hours, and I just had to make sure I finished content before deadlines.  The “in-office” days consisted of recording the entire events and appearances, from walking on and off stage to the meet and greets with fans after.

Overall, it’s been an amazing experience during which I’ve had so much fun. I’ve traveled to different cities from NY to LA for these events. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about the work itself is the flexibility from a creative aspect. I was the sole person responsible for its creation, so as long as I included the event highlights, I had a lot of freedom.

I’ve definitely gained valuable work experience through my internship with Appian Entertainment to take with me throughout my professional career in marketing and advertising. Being credited with content on the client’s social media pages allows me to solicit future possible employment or work opportunities. I also feel more confident in my own ability to accept new challenges. Starting out it was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m happy I rose to the occasion.

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