Appreciation Tastes So Good… Cashman’s Intern Luncheon at the Hard Rock Cafe

Yesterday, December 2nd, Cashman & Associates hosted our Intern Luncheon at the Hard Rock Cafe in Center City Philadelphia. As a public relations and special events agency, many times we make agreements with our clients to supplement payment for our services with trade aka product. Because we have been providing Hard Rock Philadelphia with a substantial amount of PR work for quite some time, we have a large amount of money to spend there and thought it would be the perfect place to host our luncheon.  The main purpose of the lunch is to not only reward the current interns for their hard work during the semester, but also serves as an outlet for some of our Account Executives to gain important feedback from us about what we liked, disliked, and if anything could be made better for the next interns. I was really happy that they cared enough to get our feedback, and had a willingness to make any changes that we thought were necessary or beneficial. Mostly all of the feedback was positive and it was great to just talk about all that we had learned throughout the semester, look back at interesting moments, and just enjoy the experience in a casual and laid back setting.

I believe that one of the best parts of my experience at Cashman has been seeing a positive work environment where everyone recognizes each other’s strengths and gets along very well. It is a very unique environment that I will definitely hope for in my future career and cherish being a part of such an environment.

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  1. I really love that Cashman gave you this opportunity to express your opinions about your internship – sounds like a great idea that all companies should follow!

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