Arron Garcia Future “Music Producer”

The last week before the competition, Temple students and the students of Kensington decided to meet two times. The last day we got to chill with the students and finish up everything. Before we left the school I had a chance to hang with the music group and I got time to meet Arron the mastermind behind the producing of the track (it’s his own original beat). The time I got to talk to him, I automatically knew he had a great passion for music and producing. One thing that caught my attention was he had an old school mind set, he’s interested in classical and jazz which is great combination to creating new and upcoming beats in today’s music industry.

The video link above was just Arron enjoying what he loves. All he did was open the program on the computer, plug the piano in and went to work and you can tell he’s enjoying and loving every moment of it.


-Shannon Abraham

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