Ask me anything about bathtubs…

I never thought an ad internship would allow me to learn so much about bath stuff.  This summer (going into my junior year) I was just going to work at the summer job I have had for years.  However, my mom’s good friend is the president of a company called Vintage Tub & Bath and she offered me an internship position with their marketing department.  The company’s big seller is clawfoot bathtubs, but they also sell other expensive home appliances and high end home decor.  The nice part about the position is it is a couple minutes away from my house in my hometown and it is paid!

Even though I have never had the opportunity to work for an ad agency (I would like to start looking this semester) I could imagine it is very different than working for a company.  While marketing for just one company you get the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about their strategy, rather than just being handed a creative brief (if you even get that) for a possible company you know nothing about before advertising for them.  I really enjoy working with their social media team.  This company heavily relies on social media considering they are strictly an online company.  Every day I come into work I post and comment on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and work on their Houzz page.  After repeatedly doing this day after day and still loving it, I know marketing via social media is definitely something that comes easy to me and I would love to keep working in this field.  I didn’t expect to have this internship this summer however I am so happy I do.  It is teaching me so much thus far and I am excited to bring the things I learned back with me to school.

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