Being a Creative Intern at a Non Profit

I've accepted a position at Second State Press located in The Crane Arts building.

I’ve accepted a position at Second State Press located in The Crane Arts building. They describe themselves as “a nonprofit 501(c)3 communal printmaking workshop whose mission is to foster the development of ideas and innovation in printmaking by providing artists with a professional, affordable, and supportive workspace. SSP advances the growth of a sustainable printmaking community by offering professional facilities through membership, affordable communal workspace for emerging and mid-career artists, educational print programming and professional development opportunities.”           

     Although, this company is a small printmaking studio, I find much connection to my major and my interest. I got the chance to collaborate with the design coordinator and help with problem solving, social media, way finding, and will be helping with events. This internship allowed for me to connect my advertising art direction background with the arts and local businesses.

A pro of working with a local company was bonding with local artists and people in the area. I have made valuable connections and learned new skills and techniques. Because Second State Press is located in the Crane Arts Building I was invited to attend the events.  I was also able to present to a local branding company called Pixel Parlor. I assisted the design coordinator in our way finding project for the studio.



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