Branded Entertainment Campaigns

Actor David Keochner (Anchorman, Waiting) is having a free-form interview with Sarah Silverman. It’s hilarious, awkward, but most importantly it’s taking place in a Denny’s booth over breakfast. The series is called Always Open (watch here) and it’s the newest campaign by branded entertainment company Dumb Dumb.

Dumb Dumb was started by actors Jason Bateman and Will Arnett (both of Arrested Development fame), who both usually appear in the hilarious videos they put out. The only resemblance of traditional advertising is the mere mention of a product, other than that it’s up to the whim of their imaginations.

Mashable recently featured an article on branded entertainment, and collected 10 videos they thought were best. They all offer something different: Kenny Powers berating K-Swiss, Sarah Silverman kissing a unicorn, and a three day Nerf battle. I should mention some of these videos have a lot of cursing. But then again, K-Swiss did hire the character Kenny Powers. I’m sure actor Danny McBride is a nice guy, but when he’s Kenny Powers- he’s gonna curse.

Is this the future for online advertising? If so, it sure seems like a lot of fun.

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