Brooklyn Made: Advertising in Entertainment

I’m Delaney Hardekopf, a senior Advertising major on the brand strategy and research track at Temple University. This summer I had the great opportunity to work as a Music Marketing Intern for Brooklyn Made Presents, a concert promotions company based in Brooklyn, New York. I assist the marketing director, Stefanie May, along with 2 other interns in developing and carrying out promotional techniques for upcoming shows and bands who perform at their venues. Having had a strong passion to work in music business for the majority of my life, this internship was a great way to get entry-level music marketing experience and make some valuable connections.

Brooklyn Made Presents promotes shows for a number of venues including The United Palace in New York, Civic Theatre in New Orleans, CMAC in New York, Bergen Arts Performing Arts Center in New Jersey, Beacon Theater in New York, and Brooklyn Made in Brooklyn. I primarily was working to help promote shows at the Brooklyn Made venue through engaging with bands and artists on the company’s social media platforms, creating local partnerships with restaurants, radio stations, and record stores, responding to messages and comments online, and conducting market research to create targeted ads for specific shows. I also worked the live shows to capture content for their social media.

My time at Brooklyn Made taught me that sometimes you have to make yourself uncomfortable in order to get what you want. Reaching out to people and businesses to ask about partnerships or to promote your shows has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and led me to make many valuable connections throughout the Brooklyn community. For example, I built great relationships with the WNYU radio station and the Bushwick Collective, a local art and music collective through reaching out and asking to collaborate. We were able to set up ticket giveaways and contests through these partnerships that mutually benefit both of our businesses.

This internship has definitely solidified my interest in working in music marketing. Strengthening the relationship between fans and artists is something that I am very passionate about, and was something I was truly excited to do every day during my internship. Whether it was through social media or ticket giveaways or creating physical promotional content, I really enjoyed being able to come up with new techniques. I now better understand the relationship dynamic between venues, artists, and fans and how marketing plays into it.

I was originally very intimidated to start this internship as I’ve heard it can be very difficult to keep up with how fast-paced and unpredictable the music industry is. However, I’ve come to learn that this is exactly what I enjoy about it. I love the pre-show excitement and being able to see the impacts of my promotional work come to life as shows sell out. Being able to be creative in promotional content and techniques is what brings variety to each day. I am so grateful for my time at Brooklyn Made and everything it has taught me about myself and the music industry.

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