Building Confidence – A New Perspective

As the Chinese wise-men say, “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. Working at Advanced Rehabilitation Management put me in the spotlight to create work that would be published and reviewed by eyes other than my own. AdvancedRM is a nurse case management company operating out of Valley Forge that on-boarded me as a marketing intern and administrative assistant. The work I created at AdvancedRM would have the potential to affect the future success of my organization and the individuals it represents.

Before working at Advanced RM I had never had a job that required my creative talents or writing prowess to meet a need other than my own. I have always been apprehensive to showcase my own work and have shied away from progressing my talents in various disciplines. At Advanced RM, for me to continue as a valuable asset of the team, or a part of the team at all, it was required that I produce work. This was, for example, the first time I had ever written a blog post. While at Advanced RM I wrote several blogs posts, edited the company’s website, and helped produce marketing material that would be displayed and distributed to attorneys and private health care consumers alike. It was important for me to be confident in my abilities and to execute tasks as expected. You’re probably thinking, “well duh,” but I will reply, in my defense, that I had never really done anything like this. Working for this organization allowed me to grow as a person and escape my self-defeating tendency to shame my work and escape from being a productive force.

It has always seemed to me that actions hold more meaning when they are done for others rather than for oneself. In this sense I was part of a team that was working tirelessly to help individuals that required all the help they could get. The clientele at Advanced RM are not strangers to the realities of quadriplegia, chronic pain, debilitating mental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, autism, and a range of other less-than-favorable conditions that are a testament to the hardships that everyday people are forced to challenge and endure. The do-good nature of this organization was inspiring and incentivizing enough to see worth in the everyday tasks that I was faced with. I discovered the deep network of individuals who make it their life’s effort to improve the lives of others, and in the process I was exposed to industries of healthcare, law, and insurance. This experience has shaped me as an individual and provided me with a positive outlook on ways in which I can use my advertising and marketing knowledge to make a positive impact on others’ lives while building upon the foundation of professional experience that Temple has instructed and afforded me. I have gained confidence in my abilities and inspiration towards using my talents to provide a meaningful service to the world.

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