But You Gotta Have Friends

Through the few months I have been interning at Radio One, on top of learning a lot about radio I have also built great relationships. Who would have known networking could be so fun!  When working long events, especially late at night, it is always great to have people with you to make events fun, especially when its over 100 degrees outside or pouring down raining.  I have met so many people that I can picture doing great things in the entertainment industry and they too have also taught me a lot.  As interns not only did we work with each other, but we learned from each other, helping the other grow where they were lacking.  This was very evident in our Radio One Apprentice project, where we split into three teams, programming, marketing, and on-air.  Because the groups were selected at random, there was no option but to learn how the department runs in order to succeed.

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