Center City Comedy

My name is Chris Whitehair, and over the last few months I have been working with Center City Comedy (CCC). The Philadelphia based production company is comprised of four young comedians from Philadelphia. This comedy production company has become an authority in humor over the last few years. One of the many ways, and arguably the most important way they have done this is through video production. Much like musicians distribute their music for free online in this day and age, comedians distribute their jokes to the public on stage. However, CCC has explained to me that releasing their jokes that they tell on stage for free online will cheapen the material. Instead, many entertainers in the comedy industry chose to release sketches rather than their jokes. CCC has given me the opportunity to make several connections with individuals they work with to help them film sketches and other pieces of visual content that they choose to release to get their name out there. The individual who helps us film every week at the Raven Lounge, Alex Gross, also helps us film several of our sketches. One project that CCC has been working on is a one minute web sitcom called “We Rent.” The sitcom is about 4 degenerate roommates who live together and deal with the nonsense of living with strangers. The beauty of this project is that the sitcom is only a minute long which appeals to the short attention span of YouTube users in today’s world. During my time with CCC they conceptualized, filmed, promoted and released the first season of “We Rent.” We are currently working on the second season and we are all extremely excited about it! Check out one of my favorite episodes from season 1.

– Chris Whitehair

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