Christmas in Philly

This year Christmas Village, which has been a part of Philadelphia Christmas for years, has been moved from City Hall to across the street to Love Park, where I am currently completing my internship for my advertising major. This has been a great opportunity, and very busy time for me. For the past two months I have heard of this production, how big it is, how long it takes, all the work involved; now I am experiencing it. One of the major new adjustment is working completely with another team to make Christmas Village run smoothly at Love Park. We are in constant contact with the German American Marketing, who run several Christmas Villages around the country. Cooperation and consistant, accurate communication is crucial for these sort of productions to work. I sit in the meetings with the German American Marketing team as ideas are shared on where the vendors will go, what permits have been approved, how social media is playing a role in the promoting of the event. It has been a lot of work these past few weeks but it has been exciting as well.

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