Clichés Are Cliché For A Reason

During the course of my internship this semester I’ve learned that although cliches are annoying – some are true.


“Confidence Is Key”

Confidence is a weird thing, sometimes you might not realize you’ve lost it until you are called to do something or are being relied on. During my internship I had to regain confidence in my work and ability to present it. Everyday whether it was my best work or my worst the process of producing actual work really helped me build my confidence back up to what it once was.


“Do Everything With A Smile” 

Bad day. No sleep. The real world doesn’t matter – you have to push through and give it your best effort. Sometimes your best effort might be at a 2 on the scale of 10 and other days it’s a 12. No matter what you show up with a smile, and try and put your best foot forward – it will reward you in the long run.


“Dress For Success”

You may not realize but your outfit says more than you think, and I think this cliché goes hand-in-hand with Do Everything With A Smile – because no matter how you’re feeling that day dress like a million bucks. People notice if you look disheveled and you will stick out like a sore thumb, which may end up making you feel worse.


“It’s Not What You Know It’s Who You Know” 

I use this is it’s non-traditional meaning – but that networking is all around you. My internship had sent an e-mail out every month asking for assistance for events we were hosting, and I volunteered for every single one I possibly could. I met amazing people by just being at the event and introducing myself. I got my name out around the industry and feel like I now have more confidence and comfort with being a known presence in the room, just by having that experience.

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